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Recommended Links

National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)

​NIDA's mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.This charge has two critical components. The first is the strategic support and conduct of research across a broad range of disciplines. The second is ensuring the rapid and effective dissemination and use of the results of that research to significantly improve prevention and treatment and to inform policy as it relates to drug abuse and addiction.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

​Established in 1984, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® is the leading nonprofit organization in the U.S. working with law enforcement, families, and the professionals who serve them on issues related to missing and sexually exploited children. As part of its Congressional authorization, NCMEC has created a unique public and private partnership to build a coordinated, national response to the problem of missing and sexually exploited children, establish a missing children hotline and serve as the national clearinghouse for information related to these issues.

NJ Homeland Security – Suspicious Activity Reporting System

NJOHSP encourages law enforcement, first responders, and private- and public-sector partners to report terrorism-related suspicious activity. The “See Something, Say Something” campaign benefits families, friends, and neighbors by bringing suspicious behavior to the attention of law enforcement. Reporting suspicious behavior could potentially stop the next terrorist incident.

NJ State Police Website

Official website of the New Jersey State Police Department. 

NJ State Police Firearms Information

New Jersey State Police Department dedicated resources and info regarding firearm safety, permits, and more. 

NJ State Police Megan's Law Registrants

Online public registry of New Jersey sex offenders required to register under Megan's Law.

NJ State Police Missing Persons

​The Missing Persons Unit provides investigative and technical services to law enforcement agencies throughout New Jersey on various aspects of missing and unidentified person investigations. The unit is also responsible for providing specialized training to law enforcement personnel and medical examiners throughout the state.

SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc.

​​SERV Behavioral Health System, Inc. is a private statewide, not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization serving adults and children working to recover from a serious mental illness or cope with a developmental disability.

West Deptford Patch

​West Deptford Patch is a community-specific news, information, and engagement platform driven by passionate and experienced new media professionals. The patch revolutionizes the way neighbors connect with each other, their communities, and the national conversation.

West Deptford Township

​Official website of West Deptford Township where residents can access township news and events, departments, forms and resources, and links to other information.

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