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K-9 Korner
K-9 Officer
K-9 Officer Chino

K-9 Chino

Patrol and Narcotics Graduate of 2017

Handler: K-9 Officer Joseph LaMalfa
Birth Name: Kai
Origin: Netherlands

Breed: Belgian Malinios

DOB: 7-31-2015
Languages: Dutch

Activities: Chino likes to run and play with Mako and Diablo. He likes to play in the house and outside with the kids. He likes walks down the shore. And lay on the couch with the kids and watch TV.  

K-9 Officer Steel

K-9 Steel

Atlantic County John " Sonny" Burke K-9 Academy Patrol/Narcotics Graduate of 2017

Handler: K-9 Officer James Creedon
Origin: Netherlands

Breed: Belgian Malinois

DOB: 12-27-2015
Languages: English

Activities: While off duty, Steel likes walking around the neighborhood, looking out the front door. He loves belly rubs while watching Philly sports teams on TV. His favorite toy is his Kong which he'll chase anywhere.


He also loves chasing the vacuum cleaner.  

K-9 Officer Reaper

K-9 Reaper

Graduated the Atlantic County John "Sonny" Burke K9 Academy in 2016. 


Trained in Patrol and Narcotics Detection.

Handler: K-9 Officer Narciso F. Vergara
Origin: Poland

Breed: Belgian Malinois

DOB: 12-3-2013
Languages: English

Activities: When he is not at work, Reaper loves to play fetch in the backyard with his favorite ball for hours on end.  He enjoys walks around the neighborhood with the family, lying around the house or staring out of the front door, and taking trips to the mountain house in New Hampshire.  

K-9 Officer Deca

K-9 Deca

Graduated from the Atlantic County “John Sonny Burke” K9 Academy and was trained for Patrol and Narcotics detection in 2019.

Handler: K-9 Officer Ryan Layton
Origin: Netherlands

Breed: Belgian Malinois

DOB: 8-8-2017
Languages: English

Activities: Deca enjoys taking long walks and playing with his toys in the yard when not working.  

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